A June Running Challenge

Hello lovely blog people how are you? I just thought I’d pop by this morning and share with you the brand new challenge I’ve set myself. I fear I’ve lost the plot with this one fyi! So here’s the thought process behind the challenge: I figured I should set myself a running challenge now that I no longer have a run to focus on with the Bupa 10k having been and gone. I know from past experience that I need something to make me keep running week after week and I currently like my fitness level so I need to make it stay around for a while yet. So that leads me to the challenge:

To run 30 miles in a month.

Yes I know, what am I thinking?! That’s actually quite a long way – 7.5 miles a week, when I rarely do more than five…. Hm perhaps I should have thought this through for longer than five minutes. Especially considering the fact that this month I am away for a weekend and I have friends staying this weekend (right this second actually). Oopsy. So far I’ve gone for three runs – one long one and two mini ones – yet I’ve only done 5.89 miles. Yes that’s right I’m already behind in my plan. But you know I’m sure I can pull myself together and do much better over the next few weeks. Maybe I should set myself a reward so that I get something awesome at the end of the month. Decisions decisions!

Even if I don’t meet it, I will at least be running and exercising, which at the end of the day is what matters!


Have lovely weekends one and all. I will hopefully be having an epic weekend that doesn’t involve any running, oops! xx

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