Stuff and nonsense

I thought it was about time I did my usual round-up of waffling, pondering and fun stuff I’ve been seeing across the internet this month, as it’s been a while since I shared some of rubbish thoughts with you.

  • Things I’m loving just a little too much at the moment include the brilliant Breaking into Publishing Tumblr, it’s hilarious! and this delicious looking Mushroom Brioche recipe. It looks and sounds so scrumptious that I can almost smell it through the webpage.
  • Talking of food – I want to make these one night very soon, um yummylicious, yes? Lamb and red pepper houmous is a genius idea, why have I never thought of this myself?
  • If you’re a Harry Potter fan, love all the books and re-read them on a daily basis, then you’re bound to love this – 5 life lessons from Harry Potter. All so unbelievably true and some very wise things for us all to remember.
  • I’ve also been wondering about the buildings at this link. Imagine having the brain and imagination to come up with them and imagine living in one of them – I think I’d be far too worried that they’d collapse or I’d feel slightly sick walking up to my front door I think. Freaky!
  • I’ve totally fallen head over heels for this gorgeous necklace from Etsy ever since I saw it over on the Domestic Sluttery blog (there post mentioning it is here). It would be absolutely perfect for the Summer. Yes, I do need it in my life don’t I?!


  • I fell in love with Patrick Stewart this week, as I watched this video of him responding to a fan’s question. It was a really lovely response and very touching. It was also eye-opening for someone so famous to talk so emotionally about something that has affected them so much. Impressive.
  • I really HAVE to go to The Breakfast Club for brunch as soon as physically possible as I keep hearing so much brilliant stuff about the food and having checked out the menu I know I’ll love it. Although I fear I wouldn’t be able to choose anything to eat as it all looks so good. Would it be the avocado and poached eggs, some form of pancakes, the apple and cinnamon french toast, the chorizo hashbrowns or one of the other million lovely sounding things on the menu. Get me to this place now!!!
  • And finally just when I thought that I couldn’t LOVE Jennifer Lawrence anymore I saw this GIF of her and SJP. OH. MY. WOW. I love Jennifer Lawrence her so much it’s actually a bit ridiculous. Do you think she’d be my best friend if I asked?
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