Good food, lovely friends, bad films and half-hearted exercise

How is it that sometimes you’ll have no plans in a week and then in another you’ll have so much going on that you don’t know what you’re doing with yourself. Last week it was the second option for me, as I was so incredibly busy that I’m actually amazed I’ve made it through the week in one piece. So as for what I’ve been up to, below are some lovely pictures, but of course I also need to include some bullets. So here goes:

  • I completed the Bupa 10k run on Monday morning in the boiling sunshine. I didn’t achieve either of my goals (within an hour and without stopping) but in my defence it was boiling and I had all of four hours sleep the night before. On the plus side it was SUCH a fun raise, the atmosphere was awesome and I even saw Mo Farah run by – amazing!
  • The first BBQ of the Summer was consumed back at the parentals to celebrate the arrival of the Aussie cousins. It was lovely being back in the countryside and in the sunshine, a nice bit of respite post crazy running in central London.
  • A crazy four-day week, where I had enough work to keep me busy for six days. I’m actually amazed I survived it all. Thank goodness for chocolate, coffee trips and lovely work peeps I say!
  • Sofa night consisting of chocolate, Game of Thrones and a patchwork quilt. #bliss
  • Introducing the Aussie cousins to Pizza Express. You should have seen their excitement at Gluten free pizza, chocolate brownie and BEER. It’s like all their Christmases (sp?) had come at once!
  • A trip to Wembley to watch England draw against Northern Ireland. I have to say I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a game with a better atmosphere, the stadium was a great place to be. Although I am glad that the flares that were thrown were at the opposite end to me.
  • I had a lovely night at Mishkin’s with university friends who hadn’t all been in the same room for two years – craziness. If you’ve not been to Mishkin’s do! The food is all jewish and absolutely delicious even if I had no idea what half of the items were. I went for the meatloaf which was served with cabbage and scrummy mash, plus it had a soft-boiled egg in the middle. My first meatloaf experience was a good one. And the lemon drizzle cake? Simply stunning, I’ve never had a more delicious lemon cake in my life. There really is nothing better than a catch up and laugh with friends. I do heart my friends lots and lots.
  • On Friday I went to the National Theatre to see a preview of Strangle Interlude with Anne-Marie Duff and it was absolutely brilliant, I highly recommend it.
  • As for the weekend there was: lie-ins, catching up on The Fall (really good so far, but no spoilers please)the sacking off of a run for reading and coffee – genius idea of mine, an attempt to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (I loathed it, but a proper review to come soon), homemade popcorn, delicious fishy lasagna that was only slightly burnt, a trip into town for the Soho Festival – a bit rubbish really, CV completing, half a spin class, a very short run, more Game of Thrones and some Castle episodes, much singing of Nashville, some serious reading, pink nail varnish and a delicious TV dinner.
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