Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

So before I start my review of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid let’s make a pact to ignore the fact that I’m only on movie three of twenty five. Clearly I was having a moment of silly when the idea to watch 25 new films in 2013 popped into my head. So thanks for not dwelling on this severe error and let’s get down to the business of reviewing this film.

This promises to be one of the quickest review I’ve ever done, as I really did not enjoy this film. I tried to watch it on Saturday night and just did not get into it. I found it really boring, had no idea what was going on and just found that I couldn’t enjoy it. So I gave up after half an hour. Really bad of me I know, I totally should have persevered but I just couldn’t face it. I knew I’d sit through the whole thing bored out of my mind, so it seemed far more logical to watch something else – The Fall. For me this was a classic case of me assuming a film would be absolutely brilliant as I’d heard so many good things, when actually I’d built it up to much in my head and it couldn’t come close to meeting those expectations. Oops, but on the plus side I’ve ticked another film off my list – yeah to me!


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