Dress obsessed

Over the past two weeks I’ve gone a little bit overboard and purchased seven dresses in the hope of finding the perfect casual Summer dress as well as the perfect dress for our work Summer party which is on Monday – eek! Whilst searching for the perfect Summer dress, I actually found two, hooray to me! The two dresses are lovely and will be just as perfect in the Winter with tights and a thicker cardi as they will be during the Summer. So money well spent me thinks! Dress number one is flowery and bright and looks perfect with my woven belt and has been my outfit choice twice in the last week alone. The second, denim number is one of my favourite pieces of clothing ever – considering I’m such a huge denim fan, I can’t believe I’ve never worn a denim dress before (well not since I was five anyway). It’s perfect with my new Gap belt with turquoise stones and it also has pockets. One of my fave embellishments on a dress.

Floral DressDenim Dress

As for the Summer party dress search, it’s been a bit more tricky. The floral Oasis dress below is lovely but it just doesn’t fit right on the back, the cut-out doesn’t line up quite right unfortunately. So that’s had to go back, as has the blue flowery maxi dress. The top is just a bit too big, which is a shame as the dress itself is so comfy and pretty. The red flowery Dotty P’s number is wrong in so many ways – it’s too long, too big and the skirt is like a meringue – not good at all. So back that one goes. Thankfully the bright pink number is staying, hooray! It’s such a lovely colour and fits wonderfully. Whilst I was a little worried it was a bit too ‘worky’ for the Summer party I think it’ll be fine paired with some skyscraper heels and gold accessories. well it had better be as after all I’m not left with any other options!! Whilst the flamingo dress isn’t quite right for either occasion, I couldn’t resist buying it as it features flamingos, surely a good enough reason to purchase yes? Sadly, or rather brilliantly for my credit card balance, it is far too big and in reality I don’t need a dress with sleeves now it’s Summer, so that one’s being returned. Sad times.

FlamingoDitsy Maxi Dress –  Floral Dress –Pink Twill Dress – Red Embroidery Dress

So yes a bit of a dress shopping month, but it was worth it as I ended up with three lovely dresses, even if I did end up purchasing a ridiculous number to get those results. But hey no pain, no gain right?!

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  1. I’m so tempted to do the same, a girl just can’t have too many dresses right? I’ve been eyeing up the first floral dress on ASOS, it really is very sweet! 🙂

    • Do it! It’s really comfy and a good fit, I’ve worn it loads already so it’s totally paid for itself already! xx

  2. Love the first two! Sorely tempted to get the ASOS number myself!
    – Lauren

    • Do, definitley do. It’s the most versatile and comfy dress I own and good value for moeny too. I’m fairly certain you won’t regret it! x

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