A musical top five

Wow day 29 of the blog every day in May challenge has arrived – how did that happen so quickly! It feels like I posted the 250 word task just last week, and not 28 days ago. Amazingness. I think I’ve enjoyed the challenge, even if sometimes it’s been a little bit uncomfortable or tricky to talk about certain things, hopefully you’ve enjoyed all the posts so far. So for today’s post the aim is to: share five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Oh I don’t even know where to start with this one, as I have so many favourite songs that remind me of certain important moments and funny stories, decisions decisions. Although you have to promise not to desert my blog because of my musical tastes!

Scott Grimes – Livin’ on the Run. This song screams Summer road trip to me. As the Summer after I finished university my sisters and I played this album non-stop whilst on our Summer holiday in Dorset. We’d have it on full blast and constantly on repeat and it was the perfect summer soundtrack. I love Scott Grimes, such an underated musician and this album is absolutely brilliant!

Norah Jones – Long Day is Over. This is such a beautiful song and the lyrics are lovely. This was one of the songs that we played at my Grandma’s funeral, and as a result if reminds me of here, which makes me love it even more.

Black Eyes Peas – I got a Feeling. This is the song that I associate most with buying my current flat. It seemed to be on in the Winter of 2009/2010 every time we were at a major stage of the house buying process. When we got offered our mortgage. Check. When we drove up to view the flat for the first time. Check. When we found out our offer had been accepted. Check. When we spent day after day painting every single wall or piece of wood in the flat. Check. So ever since as soon as I hear those familiar few beats I’m tapping my toes, nodding my head, like a total weirdo and grinning inanely!

Westlife – Flying without Wings. I was a massive Westlife fan when I was younger, so it would be incredibly wrong if I didn’t include at least one song by them on this list. I took my time deciding which one as a lot of them have connotations with various moments in my life, but I settled on this one in the end as it’s my all-time favourite and the lyrics are lovely.

30 Seconds to Mars – This is War. I only recently heard this song for the first time when it was part of a video for the Harry Potter series of books and it blew me away. It’s such a powerful and brilliant song, which fits absolutely perfect with the characters and events of Harry Potter and I love it so much that it’s rocketed straight up to the top of my list of most favourite songs ever! It’s the perfect solution whenever you’re feeling a little melancholy or in need of a good old sing song!

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  1. ‘Flying Without Wings’ is my all-time favourite Westlife song too. I don’t care what anyone says – it’s a great song!
    – Lauren


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