Letter writing woes

On the blog today as part of the Blog every day in May challenge I’m meant to write a letter to the readers of my blog, yet I can’t think of anything to say, that’s a bit rubbish for a blogger isn’t it?! But in my defense I’m still fairly amazed that this blog has any readers, let alone the 96 it supposedly has according to the clicker on the left of the page. So instead of writing a letter to you that will mostly be waffle as that’s what I do when I don’t know what to say, have you noticed that?,  I thought I’d discussing the writing of letters generally as this is something that I keep meaning to do more of.

When it comes to letter writing I don’t do it at all. Don’t get me wrong I do write postcards and thank you notes to people, but I’ve not written a long letter that’s more than a side of A5 for I don’t know how long. I always seem to revert to shorthand and quick notes to people if I’m sending them something, that’s if I even send them something physical  Most of the time I’ll just send an email or text message as it’s easier. Thinking about it, this is a huge shame, as there’s something so lovely about getting an unexpected piece of post, and wondering who it’s from and then reading the words that someone else has taken the time to pen just for you. It’s nice to run your hands over the page and feel the indentations and realise that this person has taken the time to think about you and has touched the paper you now have in your hands. It’s a great way of feeling close to someone isn’t it? Something that you don’t ever think about when you receive a text or email – something that’ so more impersonal.

If you think about it it’s quite sad that we won’t really receive letters from our loved ones, that we’ll be able to keep and show to our children or grandchildren when we’re older. It’s unlikely that we’ll leave behind a box of letters or cards that show our ancestors how we lived, what was important to us or who meant enough to us that we wrote to them on a regular basis. Instead we’ll leave behind a Facebook account or Twitter handle that has random status updates or @ messages along with an inbox they won’t be able to access and even if they could they’d just see a collection of random emails about money off vouchers, etc. One of the most important things I found when sorting through my Grandma’s house after she died was her collection of cards and letters that her grandchildren had sent over the years. Opening that box sent me into a fresh wave of tears, more than when she actually died, as I was struck with absolute love for my Grandma  and profound sadness that I’d never again be able to send her something that she would treasure so much and yet absolute pride that she’d found my little notes and postcards important enough to keep for so long. I remember thinking on that day that should I make more of an effort when it came to letters to those that I love, even if they life close by and yet I haven’t done anything of the sort. This is something that I’m going to rectify and do something about over the coming weeks, as everyone loves to get letters.

Fingers crossed you don’t mind that I’ve not written you a letter, but if I had all your addresses I promised I would! On that note, does anyone want a pen pal or is there a site where you can find pen pals. That might be fun to do!

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