Addicted to Books

The task for day 26 of Blog every day in May is to blog about something you read online. There are a number of things I’ve seen online over the last few days, which I will share with you in the not too distant future, but I chose the below link for today’s challenge as it fitted nicely into a planned post that I’ve had on my mind for a few days anyway. So it seemed silly not to combine the two and kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. So below is the link to the BuzzFeed article I want to talk about.

25 signs you’re addicted to books

When I saw this, via the medium of Twitter, I literally laughed at each point as each and every one of these images and GIFs describes me/is me to a ‘T’. It’s actually a little bit spooky if I’m honest. I particularly liked point number seven because I way prefer Winter partly because then I don’t feel guilty for sitting inside all day with a good book. Which point describes you all the best, or is just me that’s a bit of a book freak?

Although, to be honest I’ve not been feeling the usual love for books over the past month or so.  As I discussed in this post on my 2013 Book Challenge progress I’m finding it increasingly hard to get into a book and concentrate on a book – something that it usually far from a problem for me. Case in point, is that since the 4th of April, when I blogged about my March reading habits, I’ve only read five books. That’s five books in almost eight weeks, not up to my usual standard at all – I just don’t know what’s wrong with me. This concentration issue has really set me back on my Good Reads reading challenge, and I don’t like it AT ALL.

      2013 Reading Challenge

          2013 Reading Challenge
        Fi has
read 15 books toward her goal of 52 books.
        15 of 52 (28%)
          view books

However, I actually think I’m starting to turn a corner, as over the last week I’ve finished one book, which I absolutely loved and started another, which I’m already enjoying a lot, so that’s got to be a good sign, right? I hope so anyway as I’ve got a lot of work to do over the coming weeks if I want to hit 26 books by the end of June, that’s roughly two books a week for the next five weeks. Fingers crossed I can do it.l I want to feel like the people in images 2 and 23 of that BuzzFeed article again sooner rather than later as I like those feelings, I know those feelings – they are much better than the lost feeling I’m currently experiencing.

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