Just three bad traits

So when asked to write about my top three worst traits, I of course came up with about 20 bad traits in my head didn’t I?! So I’ve spent the last ten minutes trying to choose my worst three and I think I’ve finally decided (I think that’s possibly a sign of my inability to make a decision – a bad trait yes, but not one of my worst!). So back to the bad points about myself.

I have a lack of willpower – whether it’s when faced with a bag of peanut m&m’s, a Starbucks grande mocha or part way through a 10k run, my willpower always seems to desert me at the most inopportune moments.

A suffer from a severe lack of confidence – I hate putting myself in situations with new people or when I’m not sure what to expect. I’m rubbish at making conversation with people when I don’t know what they like or what they do and I’m always concerned that I’ll  make a total idiot of myself by saying something stupid or doing something ridiculous.

I love a good old gossip – Yes I admit it I’m a bit of a gossip and I’m also not great with secrets. It’s not done in a malicious way at all but I just seem to have a thing about sharing news. I try to kid myself that I’m doing a service by keeping people informed but let’s be honest it’s not is it – it’s a bad thing. Hence why I’ve popped it in my worst traits post!

Eurgh, things I’ve learnt whilst writing this post? That I hate this sort of thing – I should not spend so long pondering my own issues. Now where’s the chocolate? I have some serious emotions to eat.

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  1. I like these! I mean, I like that they are different. I’ve seen a lot that I totally relate with, which also shows how many bad habits I have I guess?, but this gave me some new ideas. I mean, it’s sometimes SO hard to resist some good gossip. They clearly go hand in hand.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like hearing about different bad habits! To be honest I could have chosen about 15 others if I’m honest! I agree with you though sometimes it’s hard not too gossip, and if it’s not in a malicious way then perhaps it’s not an entirely bad thing?!


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