A pet peeve

Today’s challenge is to rant about something that you feel strongly about, something that annoys you about someone else, a pet peeve or a controversial topic. Well, okay then if you insist! To be honest there were a number of things that I could have focused this post on, everything from tax evasion – is the company at fault or the government that allows this evasion to be legal and to continue? I have very strong opinions on this!! – and cheap clothes from Primark to the rudeness of people who use London’s public transport system. But I’ve decided instead to focus on my current pet peeve, as thanks to my upstairs neighbours this is something that has been particularly infuriating over the past week.

To set the scene you need to know a couple of things about my flat.

  • I life on the third floor of a four floor block of flats
  • It’s about three miles from central London, so whilst Clapham Common is nearby there’s not loads of open space on our doorstep
  • The flat above mine has wooden floors

So this leads me to my pet peeve. My upstairs neighbours have a dog. Yes in a top floor flat, with no carpet and very little outside space they have a dog. Not a small dog like a chihuahua, but a fairly large bulldog. So, my pet peeve? People that own dogs in houses that are far too small for them.

Yes I get annoyed that the dog enjoys running around the flat making lots of noise on my ceiling at annoying times of the day – mainly when I’m trying to sleep – but mainly this absolutely infuriates me because it’s not fair on the dog. I can’t blame the poor dog for being loud and annoying and always thumping across my ceiling, as he doesn’t know any different. It’s in his nature to want to run around and let off steam. It’s the fault of his owners who keep him cooped up inside all day and who don’t life somewhere that gives him enough space to run around or do what dogs do. So yes, that’s today’s pet peeve – don’t own a dog if you can’t give it the open space and time outdoors that it needs, not just so I can sleep better, but so that the dog can be happier.

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