The search for the perfect pair of wedges

So Summer’s just round the corner, no it is I’m 99% sure it is, and when it arrives I will want to get my toes out of their covered pumps and embrace the bright coloured nail varnish. I’m all set on the nail varnish, with about 450 bottles (containing pretty much every colour) ready and waiting to be used, but when it comes to footwear I’m a bit stuck. I have a trillion pairs of flip-flops and flat sandals, but I don’t want to wear them all the time, especially at work as I’m not sure it makes me seem particularly serious or ambitious when I head to meetings in my purple Havianas. So I’ve added another item to this year’s Summer shopping list – a pair of decent, comfy and lovely looking wedges. And so far my search has unveiled the following lovely pairs of shoes….

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1 – Woven wedges from UGG – this sort of seems odd as the Ugg shop should only do warm woolly boots, but they are really lovely looking. Sadly I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over the high price tag – £135! Ouch.

2 – Black wedges from New Look – These are much more in my price range and they are black so will go with pretty much everything I want to wear over the Summer.

3 – Cream wedges from Oasis – These are lovely aren’t they, too bad they’re £55, I’m not sure I can justify that much on a pair of shoes that I might only wear once if the weather doesn’t improve.

4 – Leopard Print from ASDA – Oh these are lovely, with the bits of gold, the cork, rope and leopard print they’re basically ticking every box aren’t they. Also, as they’re only £16 I’m actually very tempted to buy, buy, buy!

5 – Tan twisted strap wedges from New Look – Oh I LOVE this, except I fear I’d break an ankle if I tried to walk in them. Perhaps not the most logical shoe for a work day!

6 – Mint Wedge from Debenhams – These are the only wedges I’ve found that are in this seasons spring colours, and I have to admit I’m a little in love with them AND they’re in the sale!?

7 – Glitter Wedges from Oasis – Oh sparkly pretty shoes, I WANT! Plus as they are nude and sparkly they’ll basically go with anything and everything I choose to wear them with!

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  1. Get the sparkly ones right now. Totally love them. xxx


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