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Oh I love today’s Blog every day in May challenge, a round-up of some of my favourite posts, what is a great opportunity to remind myself what I’ve written over the last few months. Thankfully I’ve realised that not all of the posts I’ve written are dreadful, hooray. Strangely enough though it was easy to pick out favourites, as the ones below are a mix of everything on my blog – funniness, ramblings, honesty, happy things and ponderings. I hope you enjoy this reminder of Fi’s daily Ponderings.

This Smiley Happy Things post, mainly because I forgot I owned this nail varnish and the reindeer head made me smile – I still need it in my life!

This post I wrote about my Gramps was very hard to write and I considered not posting it as it’s quite personal. But I did in the end as I love it as it allowed me to remember him for a few minutes on one day and is an important letter to him.

This Pinterest Corner post about my thoughts on reading.  love that a good book will stay with you long after you have finished it and I adore that I often talk about my favourite characters as if they were real people.

My Lately post which was a round-up of Christmas fun, because we all know how much I love Christmas and so of course I need to include that wonderful time of year in this round-up

My Life is Very Short post as it’s worth remembering that things happen for a reason, life is short and we shouldn’t focus on the bad stuff but think about the good things.

This recent post about something I’m working to overcome is another favourite as mine as it gave me the opportunity to reflect on something I’ve been working hard on over the past year or so and writing the post made me realise just how much I’ve achieved, even if I’m not quite all the way there yet.

One of my all time favourite posts was my round-up of 2012, as it reminded me of just how much stuff I did in 2012 and how awesome a year it was. So far 2013 is turning out to be pretty darn special too!

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