Baking, working, running and blog love

I follow a lot of blogs on Bloglovin’, so you would expect today’s part of the Blog every day in May challenge to be tricky, however I’m potentially psychic as I have already blogged on this very subject in the past. So for today’s part of the challenge head on over to this post as my favourite blogs still stand. Now that just leaves us with my usually Sunday post – a round-up of my week which went a little bit like this:

  • Birthday present shopping for a work friend – she loved everything including the ‘caviar’ nail varnish, so job well done!
  • The discovery that the Shake Shack is about to open in Covent Garden made my week, I think I actually squealed when I saw the hoardings. I literally cannot wait for July now – squee!
  • Pub Quiz fun times, we weren’t the best to be honest but we had good fun none the less.
  • Walking to work, and treating myself to coffee as a reward – sadly I didn’t walk more than once, but maybe next week I will find that willpower and do every day…
  • A mid-week run around Clapham Common in the rain, cue beautiful rainbows, stunning clouds, cute puppies and the first cricketers of the Summer
  • A new addiction to the Beautiful Mess app
  • Online shopping as it was pay-day. I’m sort of hoping that both dresses end up not fitting as I probably can’t afford them, but you never know they might fit right? One has flowers, the other has flamingoes – I figured they were both wardrobe essentials, yes?!
  • Finally watching Star Trek into Darkness with a mocha and Pret sandwiches. The film was epic – not only was it emotionally charged, beautifully acted with a brilliant storyline, it also had awesome action sequences and hilarious one-liners. Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto were absolutely spectacular in their roles, although I did feel the need to get out a pair of scissors and sort out Benedict’s random hair! If you’ve not seen it yet, get on it asap!
  • Lunchtimes spent either at my desk, shopping or reading a brilliant new book – I’m so pleased I’ve finally caught the reading bug again!
  • Curry night with a double episode of Nashville. Perhaps the most perfect Friday night ever?
  • NANDO’S! My first trip for ages and it was delicious, it reminds me I should go far more often. I mean potato and chicken are good for you yes?
  • Another cinema trip, this time to see the awesome Fast and the Furious 6. Don’t judge me it was brilliantly good. I can’t help my love for these films I basically grew up with them, although I did have to ignore the fact that they tried to pass off Lambeth Bridge for Moscow, yep they basically failed at that! But still Paul Walker, yummy!
  • An epic Sunday of baking and running – two of my favourite things. The run was 3.75 miles (not bad) and I’ve baked delicious peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes to celebrate National Baking Day – they’re really rather good, even if I do say so myself!
  • Still to come – Carbonara, a spinning class and yet more episodes of Game of Thrones

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