Great adventures in Dorset

Day 18 of the blog every day in May challenge is to tell a story from your childhood. Hm this one will be tricky as my memory of past events is particularly shocking. I can never remember full details of the things that happened in my childhood, and those that I do remember I often wonder how much is thanks to my memory rather than from hearing the stories repeated by various family members.

That said I still need to complete today’s challenge so I’ve decided to focus on the many days spent at my grandparents’ house during my childhood. I used to love visiting their stone clad house with the blue paintwork. It always felt like a grand adventure as often my sister and I would go and stay with them for a week in the summer without our parents when we were 5 or 6 and we’d have a ball!

* Making the very tricky decision of which breakfast cereal to eat from an eight pack variety pack. Inevitably the cornflakes were left until the end and Grandpa finished those up!
* Snuggling up on our very own room under the eaves
* Sneaking unseen tuck biscuits from the glass jar
* Warming up next to the Aga
* Sneaking in to Grandma’s bed for morning stories – The Little Girl who Lived in the Freezer and The Bedspread were particular favourites
* Swinging in the hammock and lazing in a deck chair
* Helping them complete their crossword
* Hunting for fairies in the garden
* Walking along the river to see the ducks and stopping at the library or the WI for books and half a Kit Kat respectively.
* Completing puzzles whilst watching Fantasia for the umpteenth time
* Sitting on the concrete posts outside their house swinging our legs and looking out for the parents’ car

Those days spent with my grandparents were so much fun and they are definitely some of my favourite memories from childhood. Just thinking about those days has made me miss them immeasurably but I’m glad to have these lovely memories of days spent with them.

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