Smiley Happy Things

With the challenge of blogging every day in May I’ve been a little rubbish at keeping up with some of my other posts – not that I have a schedule for my blog normally (well apart from Pinterest Corner, but we’d best not mention that area…) but I do like to talk about certain things on a regular basis. Like the things that are making me smile at any given moment. So today I’m going to rectify that today and natter away about some lovely fun things.

First up we have a brand new show that I’m keeping my fingers crossed will make it’s way over to the UK in the Autumn. It’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is a spin off from the Avengers movie and it looks amazing. I won’t spoil it by telling you too much, but basically the tag line is: Not all heroes are super….

I’m also very excited about finally seeing the trailer for About Time, which looks very much like my sort of film. Plus anything with Bill Night in is sure to be a winner, especially if it’s a comedy. I’m a little annoyed that it’s not our right this minute though? September is an awful long way away after all!

Just this week I discovered the A Beautiful Mess iPhone app and I love it. It makes such a different on blog posts to be able to make more fun and interesting pictures when I haven’t mastered (or don’t own) photoshop. I’m a little concerned I’m getting a bit addicted to the app though – uh oh – check out some of my recent masterpieces below and get downloading it, it’s so easy to use and it makes pictures so quirky and lovely!


The final thing that has been keeping me going and making me smiley this week is catching up with good friends. I’ve had a couple of fun days/nights this week with lovely freinds, some of who I haven’t seen for ages and it’s just been so nice to sit, natter and have fun together. Sometimes it’s those simple things that you miss when you’ve had a really stressful or busy few weeks.

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