A typical Wednesday in Fi’s world


Today’s blog every day in May challenge is to do a day in the life of me, which let’s be honest is easy to do, as most of my day is spent at work and I can easily waffle on about that for a blog post or twelve. However I do worry for you lovely people as it’ll probably be a smidgen dull! I mean I don’t get up to anything that fascinating on your typical Wednesday, so fingers crossed you make it through this entire post! Anyway, less waffling more writing and I decided rather than write a whole spiel of what I’ve done today in a very, ‘then I did this, and went there and saw this’ way (dull as, yes?) I thought I’d simply jot down funny/silly/usual/unusual occurrences throughout the day so you’d get little snippets of my day. So here goes.

  • The first question I pondered this morning: Why do I always wake up before the alarm? It’s like my body say oh yes 6.50am that’s a good time to wake up – fyi body for future reference it’s not.
  • I finally left the house this morning after lazing in bed reading for an extra 15 minutes. This meant that the planned walk to work was cancelled oops. But hey miracle of miracles the bus wasn’t too crowded and I got a seat – joy of joys!
  • My willpower seemed to be lacking for a second time in forty minutes as when I go to work I gave in to the demands of my caffeine starved brain and went via Eat for a mocha, despite purposefully leaving my Starbucks refillable cup at home – oh the shame.
  • This morning was a mix of answering emails, briefing designers, looking at social media stuff, raising POs, rewriting ridiculously long to do lists and snaffling some cheeky peanut m&m’s. Is eating chocolate before 11am a bad thing? I know I drink chocolate courtesy of my mocha before 11am most days, including today, but should eating chocolate that early be frowned upon?
  • Yet another lunchtime spent at my desk doing more emails and some sneaky blog reading. Teaming the work with a prawn Giraffe bread sandwich made working through lunch just that little bit better.
  • Post lunch involved meetings, training on a new analysis system which can do some seriously awesome stuff, I admit my inner geek did show its face!, nattering about the newest manuscript I’m reading (I can’t tell you what but I’m definitely getting hooked on it) and of course the obligatory mid-afternoon mezz trip for a mocha.
  • Finding new music on Spotify and also listening to some awesome classics, yes I might mean Nashville and Les Mis. I can’t help it, I fear it’s an obsession that can’t be stopped ever!
  • As I failed to walk to work today – damn comfy bed and good book – I decided to run this evening. Of course it ended up raining on said run but I powered through and made it to 5k in 40 minutes, not bad I don’t think. It was certainly helped by the ridiculous amount of nattering that went on during the run. As it was super sunny and rather rainy we did come across a gorgeous rainbow over Clapham Common, which sort of made the run worthwhile. Plus now it means I can sit on the sofa and possibly eat a jar of peanut butter without feeling guilty. Not that I’ve done that…yet.
  • I’m actually a bit embarrassed to share my dinner with you – I had bread and jam. A bit dull right. However, in my defence it was gorgeous fresh bread and sometimes you just need to give yourself a break and reach for the comfort food that doesn’t involve slaving in the kitchen.
  • As for the rest of my evening. There will be American TV shows, Blue Bloods and The Biggest Loser will undoubtedly be involved. Plus reading of the brilliant book. Probably a microwaved Mr. Sheep as my hands are freezing. And definitely some form of chocolate, we better have some somewhere in the house!

So there we have it a typical day in the life of me! Nothing massively exciting but that’s my normal every day life. I can’t wait to read what everyone else is up to!

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