A week of learnings

Last week was a mega crazy busy week, not only was work manic (that’s what happens when you have a two-day course and need to cram a five-day working week into two days) but I was up in Manchester for the weekend at a five-year old’s birthday. Talk about exhausting, I don’t know how parents keep going day after day! Even though I had a really busy week I realised that I learnt an awful lot – some things silly, some things serious – so I thought I’d share my week of learnings with you. So here are a few of the things I learnt over the last week.

  • The boiling point at altitude is lower than at normal sea level – yes really!
  • Travelling via train is so much better when armed with Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations and episodes of Doctor Who to catch up on
  • A five-year old’s imagination is off the charts – when visiting my god-daughter we took it in turns to read a page each of Matilda. I would read the page in a straightforward fashion but she would make up the story when it came to her turn based on the pictures on that page of the story and her imagination totally blew my mind. According to her Mr Wormwood got sent to prison for two weeks for tearing pages out of a library book and in her Rainbow Magic book the goblins were nasty and trapped the Rainbow Magic fairies in a big cauldron and wouldn’t let them escape. Then Kirsty and Rachel had to help the fairies by getting wings, thanks to fairy dust and flying around the island, but then their magic wore off and they fell down to earth. See what I mean – amazing!
  • Pret’s new avocado and crayfish salad is delicious and my new favourite lunch treat
  • It always rains in Manchester – no matter what time of year I go it’s always rainy, it annoys me so much.
  • I should be more confident than I am when it comes to being in meetings and doing presentations. After all I do know what I’m talking about, I’ve been in this job for five years after all and I my opinion does have value.
  • Sometimes organising your paperwork can be the highlight of your day, no really it is
  • When it comes to Primark shoes I have no willpower – I know that’s probably morally wrong but I’m sorry I couldn’t not buy two new pairs at the weekend. They are comfy, lovely and so versatile that it was almost a crime not too.
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