Missing things

The idea for today’s post is to talk about something you miss, be it a person, a thing or a time in your life. I like the idea of compiling this post as it’s nice to stop and reminisce about the past. It’s good to remember some of the awesome things I’ve done in my life and to think about some of the easier times in your life.

  • Dancing through the garden sprinkler in the Summer sunshine
  • Being satisfied by a McDonald’s Happy Meal (I mean how can anyone be sustained my something so small!)
  • Sitting down to my Dad’s roast every Sunday afternoon
  • Nattering to my Grandma about one of our great loves – Harry Potter. One of the saddest thing about her passing away when she did was that she never got to read Deathly Hallows and we never got to discuss the redemption of our favourite character – which we always expected (no spoilers, don’t worry).
  • The endless stretching Summer holidays
  • Believing in the magic of Father Christmas
  • Watching the cricket and sharing Roses with my Grandpa
  • Having no responsibilties
  • When it was okay to watch Disney films all day everyday
  • Hearing stories from my Gramps about his life as a tailor, when he first moved to Australia and his life as a Grenadier guard
  • Being unaware of illness, death, sadness and tragedy
  • When a chocolate bar was just 35p
  • When life was uncomplicated

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