Marketing myself

For someone who often uses 10 words when just three will do today’s blog every day in May challenge is tricky indeed. Although I suppose you could argue that because I work in marketing and often have to come up with straplines or key points, that I’d be good at this task. Hm I’m not sure about that to be honest! Anyway back the task in hand – Sell yourself in 10 words or less. EEK!

I did think that to stop the waffle I would have to stick to a bulleted list as otherwise my sentence would look a little something like this: Well I suppose I’m probably someone who is… Which I’m not sure would really manage allow me to sell myself properly! However, after much brainstorming, faffing and staring at the screen, I surprised myself and managed to come up with the following sentence, which I think I’m happy with!

A cheery, perpetually optimistic Londoner with a penchant for giggles

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  1. Very nice. It gives me a glimpse of your personality.


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