Foxes, photobombs and loves

Discoveries I’ve made and important lessons I’ve learnt over the last week or so, that I HAVE to share!

  1. I love Obama so much, I mean honestly he’s just so good at taking the piss of himself. Don’t believe me, check out these clips from the White house Correspondence dinner. These videos of him as Daniel Day-Lewis and with Michelle’s hair are just brilliant. Although the best joke is in the second video about the Bush Library – A. MAZE. ING!
  2. I’ve now realised that my mornings are not really that bad, I mean if you compare your mornings to  these clips on Buzzfeed then you’re having the best days ever! Do try not to fall off your chair in hysterics, it’s not easy I can promise you that!
  3. I want to make this red pepper houmous and spicy lamb recipe, I just need to have a weekend at home so I can get on that. How scrumptious does it sound?
  4. I cannot wait for Monsters University to be released, the film company’s marketing has been phenomenal and I adore the trailer I saw for it at the weekend. The trailer is a message from the Dean of Monsters University and it’s amazing – their school song is brilliant!
  5. Yet again Jennifer Lawrence has proved how amazing she is with this photobomb on Sarah Jessica Parker – I love this girl so much.
  6. Someone else who clearly loves HP as much as me has written this piece about life lessons in Harry Potter. I happen to whole-heartedly agree with all of them, although I’d be hard pressed to rank them in order of importance. So please don’t ask me.
  7. Anyone else fancy living in one of these awesome and (amazingly) structurally sound buildings? I like the idea but I fear I’d feel sick just looking at most of these house, not ideal on an every day basis as you walk towards your house at the end of the day.
  8. Finally I was introduced to the amazing work of Donna Wilson by Charlie over at Danni and Charlie do Craft and now I want to own everything she makes, although mainly the creatures like Cyric Squirrel-Fox who is mischievous,  likes marmalade and dislikes cottage cheese. He also just happens to be absolutely hug-worthy.

Cyril Squirrel-Fox


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