A moment in my day


I spend an awful lot of time looking at this desk and it pains me that it is ALWAYS such a mess and that no matter how hard I try it never looks tidy. I try to kid myself that it’s because I’m just so busy I simply don’t have the time, when in reality I think it’s just my total lack of organisation in certain areas of my life. Let’s be honest we’d all much rather be at home that staying an extra half an hour at work to tidy our desks – unless that’s just me? So whilst this isn’t the most exciting moment in my day, it is certainly the best representation of my working day so it seems like a logical image to share with you all. I bet if I were to ask to see your workspace I’d be really jealous of how neat and tidy and nice they are. Although if you don’t have a Pixar desk calendar, your lunch or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes on there I might not want to switch workspaces with you!

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  1. Compared to my desk and mess, yours seems to be organized. Haha.


    • Ha brilliant, thant makes me feel loads better! Although to be fair this desk has seen far worse. Oh to be one of those neat freaks!

  2. I’m not tidy either! I don’t have crunchy nut tho :-/


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