No regrets, never ever, no way!

For day eight of the May blog challenge I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and choose one of the pieces of advice I’d pinned previously on Pinterest. That way this post fits into this weeks Pinterest Corner – genius right?! So below is my piece of advice – very important to remember if you ask me.

You’re living in the now, so it is crazy not to act like it and to instead dwell on the past or worry about what could happen. As a well-known sports brand would say: Get out there and ‘Just do it’. After all you are important and you deserve it, so you’d be letting yourself down if you didn’t grab every opportunity that comes your way by the scruff of the neck and just go for it. This is definitely a piece of advice I should remember more often, although I do think I’m good at not having regrets. Maybe that’s more to do with my stubbornness than any desire to not life in the past though….!

p.s just one other word of advice. Don’t ever smother jelly beans in chocolate, it’s foul. There’s definitely a reason why it’s not a snack prevalent in society, just sayin’!

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  1. Ahhh I like the sentiment here, wish I could be a bit more like that – I’m working on it! 😉 Are you talking about the new Cadbury’s marvellous creations bars? If so you must be insane because they are awesome!! xx

    • To be honest I think I still struggle to remember this at times too, but at least we’re aware of it right? Yep talking about the new Marvellous creations bar – I really couldn’t stand it. You’re not the only one that things I’m insane, but I honestly can’t deal with it. It’s wrong on so many levels! I could eat the other bar till the cows come home though – it’s delicious. So if I eat all those bars, youc an have all the jelly bean ones – fair deal?! x


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