Fun and games in Newcastle and London

The last week was all about scrumptious food and family fun with a bit of travelling thrown in. All in all it was a good week although I could most definitely do with another day off to get over the bank holiday weekend – I’m ridiculously tired as it was so full on. But I would definitely do it all again if I could! So what did the first few days of May entail, well there was:

  • A cancelled spin class for a night on the sofa with yet more Game of Thrones and giant chocolate buttons #bliss
  • Walks after work
  • Propositions from various stag party members up in Newcastle
  • Seeing the siterling in lovely Sheffield for hugs and laughs
  • Late night mochas in a mug that says it all (see below)
  • A lovely meal at Piccolino’s with the sisters and a lovely friend – COCKTAILS!
  • Homemade sausage casserole
  • The ritual opening up of the exercise jar to find 25 lovely pounds – which were then spent during my weekend away!
  • Nights away, each hotel was an improvement on the last: Premier Inn, Jury’s Inn and finally the absolutely gorgeous Matfen Hall
  • A pedicure with a VERY talkative women, who didn’t take my monosyllabic replies and open book hints
  • Reserved seating mix ups – eurgh
  • Lots of touristy wandering
  • The first airing of the mighty flip flops, about bloody time I say!
  • First class train travel – free wifi and biscuits, could I BE any happier? (said in a Chandler Bing voice)
  • Early morning Starbucks coffees, both at my desk and at train stations
  • Dancing and laughing all day and way into the night in the grand surroundings of Matfen Hall
  • A manic rush for the train to Sheffield
  • Sunshine in London town
  • A brilliant birthday celebration for a family friend – laughter, singing, danceing, giggles, fancy dress outfits and Moscow Mixers
  • Baking – lemon and blueberry squares – 100% delicious
  • An early start to catch the train to Newcastle, armed with M&S Mini Bites, Starbucks coffee and Cadbury’s Marvellous Sensations
  • Catching up with old family friends
  • Making some new purchases in H&M, I’m very pleased with my new platform shoes and mint green jumper – both were perfect for the weekend away and what’s more I didn’t get blisters from the new shoes. Something that’s definitely unheard of!
  • Delicious food – cheese soufle, apple crumble, hotel breakfasts, pizza, chocolate and a golf themed birthday cake
  • Embarrasing parent and old family friend dancing
  • Gossiping, gossiping and more gossiping
  • Glorious sunshine in Newcastle
  • Lovely sunny walks to work even when my muscles were still screaming after a spin class
  • Visits to the brilliant BALTIC centre to see a art exhibits including a cube of lipsticks, a rain cloud and a man made of food as well as glorious views of Newcastle, the SAGE, the Millenium Bridge and the beautiful River Tyne
  • A six hour car journey from north of Newcastle to home…on the hottest and most sunny day of 2013 – typical!
  • Lots of photographs
  • Finally finishing a book and starting a new one – After the Fall
  • The discovery of a new Cadbury’s product – the Golden Crunch bar, absolutely delicious I have to say
  • Afternoon naps
  • Runs in the gorgeous countryside near Hadrian’s Wall – in the rain
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