Pinterest Corner #19 – Reading List


This pin is particularly true for me. I feel like I will always have a book list a mile long and no matter how much I read I just don’t seem to make a dent as no sooner have I finished reading but another three books join the physical (or if it’s on my kindle, the metaphorical pile) that needs reading. At the moment my list consists of about 100 books, everything from the new Lesley Lokko and the Fantastic Mr Fox to Persuasion and After the Fall, a book I mentioned wanting over on this blog post. All of which I own and yet for some absurd reason I can’t get into any book at the moment – not even a book 100 pages long. I’ve not managed to read more than a couple of chapters of a book for about two weeks and I just can’t work out why. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have so many books that I want and need to read or perhaps I’m so busy that I can’t focus properly or maybe it’s because I’m reading blogs on my commute or walking in to work rather than getting public transport. Whatever it is I don’t like it and I want to get back into the wonders of discovering a book. I want to be one of those people again who walks around with their nose stuck in a book, who yawns all day as they were finishing a particularly good bit of a book until 3 int he morning and mostly I just want to get back to the pure joy you feel after reading a fantastic book and visiting a new world in your mind.

I’m away this bank holiday weekend and there will be lots of train journeys, so let’s hope that helps the situation and I can finally start enjoying reading one of the gazillion books I have on my list. Fingers crossed.

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