My life in 250ish words. In reality not that easy to do.

Well I love the idea of Jenni’s blog challenge so I thought I’d give it a go – although we shall see if I manage all 31 days or not… Considering I’ve not pre-written this post and have decided to take part at 1.40pm on day one I think I might be sticking my head in the sand about my ability to do this, but oh well here goes. 250 words. About me. Eek!

Born April 12th 1985 – I’m OLD I know! I’m the youngest of twins who put our Mum through an hour and four minutes of labour, six weeks early. I blame Lau, she blames me. We’ll never agree. Brought up in Surrey and our parents have been in the same house since we were two (the week of the great storm) situated in the Horselys – the typical suburban/countryside fringe childhood: birds singing, Summer days on the green and numerous pet rabbits and hamsters. Youngest sister Becca born in 1993 – I was over the moon as it meant bunk beds! Most of my childhood was spent reading, with home-baked birthday cakes, playing sports (hockey and netball) and studying the humanities (history and geography is my thing). Very close to my family who live in Australia (Mum’s side) and Dorset (Dad’s side though sadly no more). I love both places and spent lots of time there growing up. First job was in a Debenhams stockroom. Headed to University in Manchester (mainly due to Old Trafford connection) had a ball and made great friends.  Left Uni and travelled the world – I say ‘travelled’ it was really a big holiday to USA, Fiji, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand – the clue? I had a suitcase and not a rucksack. Temped for a while and then found my dream job as a marketing bod at a children’s publisher. Bought a house with Lau and loving London life.

Favourites: Sandbanks, Chocolate, baking, books, The West Wing, Harry Potter, holidays, peanut m&m’s.

Not so favourites: Lumps of onion, arrogance, confrontation.

IMG_1006 - Click to view full size photo

A couple of years old now (thankfully my face is now slimmer) but a good representation of Family Evans!

So I’m slightly over on the word count, but I’m a waffler so it was a given. We should just be pleased that I wasn’t over by 5,000 words! Still not a bad attempt for half an hour of typing. Not I’m off to read some of the other posts – lots to choose from! See you tomorrow, if I manage to write day two’s post!

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  1. Yay, another European blogger! I had a word counter and edited the heck out of the initial draft to get under the 250 words 😉

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