Tumblr Love

Of all of the main ‘social’ sites out there, the only one I don’t interact with on a regularly basis, say weekly, is Tumblr – in fact it’s been about six months since I logged into my account. It’s one of those things that I become obsessed with when I’m reminded of the brilliant things on there and then I can’t stop liking and reblogging posts, but I just don’t feel the need to be on there constantly unlike Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. So back to the point of this post: recently I was reminded about the joys of Tumblr when I was introduced to the ‘Reasons my baby is crying’ Tumblr, which by the way is absolutely hilarious!, and it got me thinking about some of the other Tumblrs that I love and can happily spend an hour or four purusing. So I thought why not share them with you lovely lot. I hope you enjoy them funny too, oh and do share some of your favourites too!

Life in publishing – Unsurprisingly considering I work in publishing, it was actually a work colleague who introduced me to this Tumblr and it’s spot on so often. This post is a particular favourite for me at the moment (and not just because Snape is in the gif – I promise!) but I think it will take a lot for this post to ever be beaten as my favourite one!

The West Wing Things – My obsession with The West Wing knows no bounds so a Tumblr dedicated to it? Heaven. There are such classic images and gifs including the President’s infamous speech in the Two Cathedrals episode – You get Hoynes!, Sam’s response to Mallory as to why we need to explore Mars, Toby stating the obvious when C.J. falls in to the pool, POTUS high as a kite, C.J. failing to stay standing up when she fires a gun and Donna being mean to a chicken, plus all the below images.


LEGO Vines – This Tumblr is brilliant. I could spend hours just watching the repeating videos, they’re just totally mesmerizing – it must be to do with the colours. I can’t imagine ever having the patience to make anything like these videos, amazing.

Disney Pixar Tumblr – Images of favourite Disney Pixar films and characters, what’s not to love?


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  1. Oh my wow. Love all of these. Especially the West Wing one. Thanks for pointing them all out!

  2. I’m a more recent addict of The West Wing. I love it! I’m eventually going to make it through all the seasons on Netflix.
    I was never a Tumblr-er, but cool stuff like this could tempt me.

    • Oh I’m so jealous that you are new to the wonders of West Wing – I wish I could start that journey of discovery all over again as I love that show so much. You’ve got some great stuff to come, enjoy. Yes be careful with Tumblr, I fear I could become addicted very quickly!

  1. Bags, tumbles and new lunch items – my favourite things | Lau's Rambling Corner

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