Noteworthy TV, fishy gifs and recipe love

  • The first of today’s ponderings is actually more of an admission. I think I’ve made myself a caffeine addict. I have started to get headaches if I don’t have coffee for 24 hours – this is not good. It has certainly not been helped by the fact that I’ve purchased one of the Starbucks reusable cups, so now even when I order a tall drink it ends up being a venti. This is great as it doesn’t cost me anything, but it’s definitely not helping the addictionfinding-nemo-finding-dory
  • This week when not drinking coffee, I have been laughing at the Dory gifs on this link – I find them absolutely hilarious. Watching these has reminded me just how much I love the original film and I cannot wait to watch Finding Dory when it finally arrives on our screens, although it’s still so far away! I’ve also spent a fair amount of time staring at pictures of the gorgeous Joseph Gordon-Levitt – oh my wow! Check them out here, and make sure you are sitting down and so aren’t injured when you swoon.
  • On an entirely different note, this toast messenger is genius and I want it – how fun would it be to make toast with messages and poems on? So cool!


  • I’m also excited this week that we’ve booked Iron Man 3 for this weekend and this excitement has only been matched by the fact that an #epictrailer for another comic book franchise has just landed. How brilliant does the trailer Thor: The Dark World look? And Tom Hiddleston is strangely attractive with long hair – who’d have thought it?

  • On the subject of Tom Hiddleston, I think I’ve been convinced to take a leaf out of his book and take part in the Live Below the Line challenge. I think it involves more thought and it will be incredibly hard, but I think totally worth it. Find out more by listening to the lovely Hugh Jackman in the below video – if you can focus on his voice that is, don’t get distracted by that face!

  • In other news, I need to make this malt loaf – I can’t believe it’s never crossed my mind before. I wonder how easy it is? And also I need to make Banana bread s’mores, um hello delicious looking item of food. Where have you been all my life?
  • Did anyone else watch Broadchurch? Wasn’t it absolutely brilliant? I’m actually proud of myself for guessing the killer a few weeks back, but I loved that you were kept guessing for so long. Also it wasn’t contrived or silly – I felt like everyone acted how they would have done. Also great social media thinking by posting that extra clip on the itv Facebook page – I’d love to know how many visits (and new fans) they got straight after the episode finished. I bet it would be fascinating.
  • One final thought for this week: How on earth have I become so addicted to Nashville and so quickly? I have now downloaded the soundtrack and between that and the extra songs available on Spotify I think I listen to Nashville for about 50% of my day. Yet I don’t care. I love the songs. As for the show itself – how annoying is Rayna, but likeable too, some goes for Juliette. Also when will Gunnar and Scarlett get together? And could Deacon be anymore amazing? Oh I could watch this show all day every day – love it. Once ‘For your glory’ is available in the UK, I will be in Nashville heaven, as I LOVE that song.

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