The search for the perfect wedding present…

My friend’s getting married in a few weeks, and whilst I sadly can’t go to the wedding – damn my double booked self, I’m still searching for the perfect gift. Now I should explain that I’m one of those annoying people who doesn’t like wedding gift lists. I know my friends must hate me for this but whilst I do want to buy a couple something they want, I’d rather buy them something that’s nice as well. So if all that’s left on the list is a toaster or a set of knives, I tend to ignore the list – yes I’m annoying I know. I realise couples probably hate me because of this, as they don’t want to get a random item but I just don’t find it all that romantic to give someone a toasting implement on the happiest day of their life. So instead I begin the search for a thoughtful but nice gift. So that’s what I’ve been doing this week, and these are the things I’ve found so far (yes all of these are from – I can’t help it I love that site so much).

True love stories never have endings – £19

Paper cut wedding picture – £28

Penguins in love print – £25

Wooden map letters – from £14.50

Teacup bird feeders – from £14

Mr and Mrs cushion set – £32

Slate cheese board – £69

Heart union pillowcases – £25

‘And the lived happily ever after’ vintage sign – £35

Wooden joined letters – £85

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