Work trips, baking and a shopping spree

My first week as a 28-year-old has been epic and full on! It started in the best possible way, with a day off that involved a pub quiz with friends, dress shopping (for a friend’s party) and baking a new recipe of chewy chocolate chips and peanut butter cookies. I will definitely be sharing the recipe on the blog soon, as they were amazing. You need them in your life! The first day back at work after a long weekend was ridiculously hideous – why is that always the case? It started with a four-hour work meeting over Borough Market way, followed by a gazillion emails – painful indeed. But on the plus side I  did manage to get some lovely pics of Southwark Cathedral – cool right?, I also got lots of yummy sweets int he goodie bag from the meeting and also my 10k run t-shirt arrived and fits perfectly. So not a total write off of a day I suppose!!

Wednesday involved work, a trip to the gym where I managed to do a bike ride for 30 minutes thanks to my new Empire magazine. Why have I not considered this before?! I was massively distracted thanks to the magazine, and the exercise wasn’t that bad in the end, hooray! I countered the healthiness of the gym with the unhealthiness of baking again. I made m&m blondies, which were out-of-this-world, i might have to make these on a regular basis from now on. The recipe for them is here, just substitute the mini eggs for m&m’s and hey presto a year round taste of yumminess!!

From Thursday I was off on a work trip to Darlington, which was great fun but exhausting. I think I underestimated quite how tiring it would be attending storytelling sessions and being on my feet all day. But it was such epic fun that it was worth it all. Plus I managed to fit in a Primark shopping spree (hello new summer skirt and two pairs of shoes) and the Friday night hotel was particularly brilliant (even if it was on the side of the M1) as it had the most brilliant decor. I really, really want one of the chairs in their lobby, not to mention the brilliant bird frieze in the bedroom.

As for this weekend, it has involved sister time, running (whoop to today’s 4 mile run), smoothie making, yum!, Venti Starbucks coffees, blog reading, TV catch up, homemade meals (I didn’t realise how bored of restaurant food I was after just two days away!), a failed attempt at making Mars bar Rice Krispie cakes and more charity shop perusing!

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  1. Fi! I can’t believe you’re 28! Not a bad thing of course, but you don’t look it at all! Looks like you have your week nicely sorted. I must do the same 🙂 E xx


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