Birthday Fun

The lead up to my birthday was fairly quiet – there was homemade pizzas, last-minute present buying, Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred, Avengers Assemble (gosh I love that film!) and cake and presents from the work peeps (so very kind). I love that they knew exactly what I’d like in both the cake (M&S Mini Bites) and present (lip balm, book journal and butterfly print box) areas. As for the last weekend of birthday fun it has been excellent, I honestly don’t know why I can’t celebrate my birthday every month – I’d enjoy that  quite a bit! I think taking two days off work to have a proper break from work was inspired, as today was definitely needed to help me  catch up on some sleep and other bits and bobs before the work week starts anew tomorrow.

The weekend celebrations included:

  • Brunch at The Riding House Cafe, which I’d highly recommend, after a lot of deliberation I finally settled for Eggs Florentine, the Stabiliser juice and a Mocha. The decor was really unusual and a great talking point – there were tap fixtures as lamp stands, stuffed squirrels on the wall light fixtures, bright orange leather booths, fold up chairs and giant lamp shades. If you’ve not been, you should it was really excellent!
  • Lovely presents from friends and family – so very, very kind of them!!
  • Mooching around the V&A Museum – we visited the Tudors, Stuarts and Russian Tsar exhibition which showed all their amazing armour, paintings, textiles and gold and silverware. It was really interesting! Whilst there we also looked at the tapestry, costume, gold and silver and sculpture galleries. I just love wandering around the museum and seeing what wonderful items you come across – it’s such a glorious museum.
  • Afternoon tea in Starbucks – there’s always time for a mocha after all
  • A Game of Thrones marathon – oh it’s getting good, what’s going to happen? – with chocolate fudge cake!
  • Dinner at Zizzi’s before singing along to We Will Rock You at the theatre – how had I forgotten the brilliance of this show?!
  • An early morning run on Clapham Common, it was a glorious day with gorgeous sunshine and lots of people out and about
  • Charity shop exploring before a lovely lunch at the Medicine Garden – a lovely walled garden with crafts, shops and a cafe. It’s such a lovely idea, and the food is delicious too!
  • More lovely presents and cupcakes and pop cakes, this time from the parents – so kind, not to mention scrumptious
  • A family dinner at the Seahorse pub just outside Guildford – again scrumptious food and drinks
  • A trip to Portsmouth, West Wittering and Chichester in the glorious sunshine
  • Wandering round Guildford and finding THE dress for a party that’s occurring in just three weeks – result!
  • Roast dinner – thanks Dad – and more birthday cake before heading back to London town for a night of The Masters and TV catch up
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