April’s smiley list

It was my birthday yesterday – Happy Birthday to me!! – and as a result I have lots of fun weekend plans, which I’m fairly certain will not give me time for much blogging. So being the organised bee that I am (I’m really not organised, I’m not sure what’s come over me, perhaps it’s a sign of growing older and maturing) I’ve scheduled a post, ooh get me! So without further ado, whilst I’m (hopefully) off eating cake and unwrapping lovely presents from my nearest and dearest, here are the things that are making me smile at the moment – apart from the aforementioned cake and presents obviously!


This picture – My two favourite Stark brothers in one glorious image – yes I did consider making this my desktop background, and yes there’s a small possibility that I’ve been flicking to this all week when I’ve needed to be reminded that life isn’t that bad. I mean honestly, just witness the fitness (classic Uni phrase), I can’t really be blamed can I? Thanks to Buzzfeed for bringing this picture into my life and brightening up my week a whole lot.

Pringles – yes those lovely crunchy crisps in the tubes just big enough for your hands. For some absurd reason I’ve become a little obsessed with them recently – I appear to be craving them all the time. Is this something else that happens as you age, I’m guessing no probably not, but in all seriousness I can’t understand where this sudden desire for them has come from. I think know that if you presented me with a tub of ready salted Pringles right now I’d scoff the whole lot in one sitting with copious amounts of Nando’s Perinaise. What has come over me?

Crunchy Nuts – I’ve rediscovered this cereal as my go-to breakfast and I’m reminded of how perfect a bowl (or mug) of this is when drenched in ice-cold milk – heavenly. How can I go back to any other breakfast item after this reawakening.

The Great British Sewing Bee – I’m totally loving this new show – it’s just pure brilliance. The contestants are wonderful and absolutely hilarious at times, plus I’m learning loads: never work with silk, don’t add tulips to a skirt (I mean it looked agood, but really who would wear that!) and if you’re going to make something that’s simple make it bloody brilliant – something that Tillie couldn’t seem to learn! Also how wonderful is Ann, I 100% love her. I love this show so much that I’m not even annoyed by Claudia ‘I’m so ditzy’ Winkleman. Further proof, if you needed it, that it must be brilliant!

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