A year ago today


A year ago today my Grampy died. It wasn’t unexpected but that didn’t make it any easier, especially as I was days away from heading to Australia to see him for the first time in two years. But clearly things weren’t meant to be and in hindsight it was good that he was no longer suffering, I’d have hated for him to have suffered for an extra week just so I could say goodbye properly. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Gramps over the last few days, knowing that this day was coming, and I want to share some of my favourite memories of time spent with him, right here. I promised myself I wouldn’t get maudlin or sad as he wouldn’t have wanted that, instead I’ve focus on the brilliant times we shared. Miss you Gramps and love you.

  • He always had a list of small jobs to do, he could never sit idly by
  • He could never eat a meal without adding copious amounts of salt and pepper – it drove my Mum crazy!
  • Whenever we went walking in the countryside he’d always be armed with a big stick to bat away any nettles or brambles, so that we wouldn’t get attacked
  • Every time he flew in from Australia and we’d meet him at the airport, you could always spot him a mile off in his navy Grenadier guard blazer and his hat. Always the smartest dressed passenger, despite a 24 hour flight
  • One of the funniest moments was when we realised the banging outside was him removing a dent from our car boot ….with a sledgehammer! (the result of my first day with a driver’s licence)
  • Much hilarity ensued when he tried to teach us how to whistle, we got mouth whistling cracked, but sadly never quite grasped how to whistle with grass!
  • Nanna and Grampy’s camper van was all about the hidden treasures and useful gadgets that he had managed to fit into such a small space – there was a place and a home for everything, even if you couldn’t fathom why it would be needed!
  • We’d sit for hours with him as we tried to work out where Peter and Paul had flown to and puzzling over how on earth Peter and Paul, who were pieces of paper by the way, managed to return to Gramps’ finger. It was MAGIC!
  • He was always excited to hear every minute detail of our lives and always so proud to introduce us as his grandchildren – even if we weren’t quite as enthusiastic about being introduced to everyone he knew (or didn’t know)!
  • His catchphrase: I’m proud of you, I love you, and always look after each other won’t you?
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  1. Big love for this. Spot on. xxx

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