Pinterest Corner #16 – Crochet Central

This weekend I finally did it!  For the record ‘it’ was most definitely not, leaving the house without a jacket on, or going 24 hours without chocolate – are you mad?! ‘It’ was starting something crafty! I finally stopped waffling on about getting crafty and actually did something vaguely craft like – miracle of miracles! A mere six weeks after posting about how I wanted to get back on the crafting horse (see this wonderfully scribed post) and I’ve finally gotten around to it. It appears a Game of Thrones marathon is all I need to get crocheting for the first time EVER, who’d have thought it would be such a perfect match – weird, but true!


What I’d love to be showing you is a replica of one of the above pins, however I am not that proficient yet. A straight line (a foundation chain don’t you know?!) is more my ability, so instead I’ve got this beautiful blue rectangle to show you – isn’t it just the best blue rectangle you ever did see? Yes I know it’s not a proper creation yet, I’d be hard pressed to find a child crochet_5snuggling up to this in bed or a doting mother adding it to their child’s bedroom but it’s not that bad, considering I’m still learning the basics. Once I’ve mastered these basics, I’m sure I’ll be knocking out crochet animals left, right and centre!!

In all seriousness I’m aiming to have completed a cute animal or two for June when my friend’s baby is due, hopefully that shouldn’t be too tricky or ambitious, but we shall see! I’ll keep you posted with the progress, in a future Pinterest Corner post no doubt. Until then, happy crocheting!

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  1. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award for awesome up-and-coming blogs. You can see the details on my blog at


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