YouTube funnies, chocolate obsessions and idyllic islands

Is anyone else always constantly hungry, or is that just me? For the last month all I’ve wanted to do is eat – what’s with that? I’ve been telling myself not to feel too bad about this lack of willpower as surely it must be to do with the freezing cold weather, which only now seems to be letting up. But I’m not too sure that’s a good enough reason – I think perhaps it is my own lack of willpower that’s to blame. So far the food obsession has been firmly focused on hot cross buns, mochas and Easter chocolate, but I fear it’s only a matter of time until these Mini Egg Tiffins are involved, as well as these Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Chip Cookies and this new Cadbury’s creation. Oh dear why can’t I crave spinach or apples and not chocolate creations?!Cookie Nut Crunch

So I’m one of those people that absolutely adores Michael Buble, I can’t help it. He’s voice is just wonderful and he sings some of my favourite tracks just perfectly – Home, Feeling Good and Haven’t met you yet – plus he sounds like a pretty cool guy. Did you know that he’s been spotted a number of times busking on the Southbank, amazing right? How I’ve never spotted him there I don’t know! Anyway, just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore I saw this clip from a while back of him singing with a fan. Isn’t it just brilliant? I love how he plays along with the Mum, and is funny and not overly mean about it, but then when he realises the boy can sing he’s so supportive and happy to have been proved wrong.

Another brilliant YouTube video that I was introduced to this week was this clip of Quentin Tarantino when he found out he’d been nominated for best director at the Oscars – absolutely brilliant. The total shock on his face and the resulting actions just crack me up every time!

Also these are pretty hilarious too, particularly the Private Eye point, the Boris dancing one, the boy band one and the umbrella being thrown at the police – amazing! – and perfect for flicking to should you need a smile!

Sark, Channel IslandsThanks to the Stylist I’ve found 50 more places that I want to visit in the UK, all these beautiful islands, aren’t they just amazingly picturesque. I’ve been to/heard of a couple of them, but I don’t think I’d realised quite how many picturesque islands there were on these fair isles. The only problem, is where to first, Sark, Inchmurrin, Tresco, Bute or the Isle of Mull?

Finally, I’ll leave you with these images of celebrities that have been photo-shopped to look like normal people, aren’t they just brilliant?! Whoever made these up has done a genius job.  I think my favourites are the Beckham’s and Jay-Z and Beyonce – amazing!

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