Pinterest Corner #15 – The important things, thanks to the Weasleys for reminding me!

I’ve been having a major stress this week trying to find the perfect present for my sister’s birthday next week. I’ve been panicking because most of the items on her list have now sold out both online and in store – it’s been an absolute nightmare and I’ve been quietly (or not so quietly) panicking about it. I’ve been so worried that I’ll fail on my mission and end up having to get her something she doesn’t like or didn’t want, I also don’t want her to be disapointed and have to do a fake ‘Oh it’s brilliant, and just what I’ve always wanted’ when I hand her a present of smellies and socks (not that she doesn’t like socks). As I’d know – as you do with close friends and family – that she didn’t like my gift and then I’d feel bad. Anyway, after a manic rush to a very specific shop over my lunchtime today, in the snow and through the dawdling tourists – what is with that?!, I finally managed to get her something off her list and I’m no longer feeling like the worst sister/present giver in existence as she’ll at least have one thing she likes, hooray!

So after the panic of this week and the rushed lunchtime trek across London, it was good to see the below image on Pinterest this afternoon as it suddenly hit me – I was being totally ridiculous.
Pinned Image
Thank goodness the wise Weasley’s were here to remind me of the important things! This image is completely right and it reminded me to stop being such a nitwit, as the important thing is the thought that goes into the present and that we’ll be spending our birthday celebrating together. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the presents are nice too, as they are a way of showing appreciation for the birthday girl and it’s nice to be spolit on your birthday, but I know that as long as I don’t buy Laura any of the below items she’ll like what I get her.
As she’ll know that I know her and have put thought into how to make her birthday special. She will appreciate that, even if I go off list and don’t buy her something that she wanted. Yes she might love birthdays and yes she might have sent said list a month or so ago as she loves her birthday that much(!) but I know that it’s not about the monetary value for her. It’s all about the togetherness, the love and the little things when it comes to events like Christmas and birthdays. Deep down I know that my sister will appreciate and like whatever lovely gift I give her – even if she gets something unexpected. So thank you Weasley family and whoever created this image for reminding me that I don’t need to panic and give myself a stomach ulcer as in the end it’s not the presents that matter.

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  1. I love this post. Mostly because you are putting me under the same umbrella as the Weasley family – and we both know that i’m going to absolutely love that, plus it’s about my birthday – yippee! Also I glad you realised that I’m not worried about having something from my list – you and Bec always buy me the best present ever. Hello Princess Barbie, and don’t forget the skipping rope for my 21st – serious love!
    And finally I actually like that cushion, even if it does have bananas on it. In fact as long as it doesn’t smell of bananas then it can be wrapped up and ready for me next week.

    Big love Fifibean xxx

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