Oxford Adventures

A couple of weekends ago I visited Oxford for the very first time – I know I can’t believe I’ve never been before either! I had no idea what to expect, would Oxford be a huge city with modern buildings dwarfing smaller more classically designed ones, would it be two distinct and separate areas of old and new or would it be like wandering around Hogwarts? To be honest it was none of those, it was the perfect mix of old and new that fitted perfectly together and I loved it! It was such a beautiful city to wander around, every corner you turned brought with it another stunning building and beautifully designed square. My favouites parts were the Sheldonian Theatre, the Radcliffe Camera and the Bridge of Sighs – all of which were absolutely stunning. It’s just a shame it was freezing cold and snowy as I couldn’t bear to be outside to explore the city properly, also a lot of the buildings were shut so couldn’t be explored thanks to the literature festival which was on. Never mind – it’s just an excuse to go for another visit soon.








The other brilliant thing about the weekend in Oxford was the cottage we stayed in – it was so cute and full of such interesting bits and pieces – like a stuffed owl in the rafters of the bedroom (!), golden and stone busts, a rocking horse, a gorgeous fireplace and my personal favourite – the polar bears! I’d definitely go back and stay there again, despite the weird decor. It was perfect for a lovely weekend with friends.

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