Easter to do list

Easter is always a weekend where time flies and I either pack far too much into it or don’t do anything at all. So I’ve decided I need to make sure I get the balance right this weekend. So I’ve written a list of things that I want to achieve over the lovely long four-day weekend, no pressure Fi, I’m sure you can do all of these things!!

  • Work out a way of making cog shaped metallic coloured biscuits or cakes – all ideas welcome!
  • Eat lots of chocolate – this is a must do this weekend. It would almost be rude not to indulge
  • Finish my current book, The German Boy. Although I’m currently only 15 pages in, so not too sure how likely this is!
  • Bake hot cross buns – possibly these Chocolate Orange ones rather than plain ones. I’ll buy some plain ones and make a Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding instead!
  • Wear something other than my pjs!
  • Read the 120 something blogs I’ve not yet got too on Bloglovin
  • Leave the sofa, at least once. Possibly for the cinema
  • Only drink one mocha a day, I can surely do this!
  • Spend no money on clothes – I HAVE to stick to this, I MUST!
  • Eat normal sized portions at dinner – no triple helpings allowed, even if my Dad is cooking his lovely, yummy food!
  • Finish my three Empire Magazines and read the March issue of Simple Things – I have no idea how this hasn’t happened yet?!
  • Spend lots of time with my lovely family that doesn’t involve the TV!
  • Decide what I’m buying Lau for her birthday – it’s only two weeks away after all
  • Play (and win) a lot of board games!
  • Don’t panic about the lack of decision-making in regards to Lau’s present!!
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