Childhood flashbacks, Les Mis and film trailer love

There have been a few things on my mind this week, which I thought I’d share as some of them are life changing and you need to know about it – trust me you’ll thank me!!

First things first, random but still something I’ve been pondering this week: Is anyone else still experiencing a love affair with Les Mis? I seem to be listening to it all day, every day at work and have developed a massive crush on this awesome Olly Moss poster – I need it in my life. I’m actually fairly concerned by how obsessed I am with this film and the soundtrack. Maybe I need an intervention….


I had a serious childhood flashback earlier this week when I received an Easter card from my god-daughter. The card was of a super-cute sheep made of Fimo. Was anyone else obsessed with Fimo as a child, or was that just me? I used to make all sorts of random crap with this stuff – everything from neon coloured jewellery to tiny animals like rabbits. Honestly, it’s amazing how happy I was with a new set of Fimo colours, and do you remember all the amazing colours they used to do? And look they now do glittery Fimo – amazing!

I appreciate I’m going to sound like a total geek with the following sentence, but I honestly don’t care – I’m embracing my geekyness! I am so super excited about the fact that Doctor Who returns to our TVs on Saturday, I mean OMG it’s been forever since it was on, if you’re not excited then you HAVE to watch the teaser trailer. I defy you not to be over excited too. I mean Matt Smith is just brilliant in it, so forlorn and sad and what does this mean for the upcoming episode?!?! Argh I can’t wait!!

On the subject of geekery and trailers, the Star Trek into Darkness trailer is freaking brilliant, I’m literally counting down the days until I can watch this film. Plus just when I thought I couldn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch anymore – I see the trailer. I mean could he be any cooler?! Something else that’s cool, is that this week the director of Wolverine shared the first mini trailer for the film on Vine – LOVE IT!

Having had a very succesful cottage weekend in Oxford recently we’re now onto planning our next adventure, this time in Leicestershire/Rutland and during my cottage research I happened across the most amazingly named holiday cottages and B&B. I really really want to stay there just because of the names, with names like brocoli Bottom (the B&B), Fennel Folly, Parsnip Place, Beetroot Barn and Lettuce Lodge how could I not – can you imagine anywhere more idyllic?

On a totally separate note I appear to have fallen a little bit in love with these napkins, now I do appreciate that’s a little bit odd as they are napkins and I’m definitely not a napkin fan. My usual thinking is that they are a massive waste of money as kitchen roll works just as well and is far cheaper. However, I seem to have forgotten this fact when I look at these tagged ones – how brilliant are they. I’d love to have a set, not that I ever do dinner parties or anything, so really it would probably just be my name on them!! Oh well! On the subject of napkins and other such paraphernalia, check out these amazing alphabet cups – yet another thing I want but would barely ever use! Although maybe they could go on display somewhere if I spell out cool words?

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