Pinterest Corner #14 – Reading and emotions

One of the main things I love about Pinterest is the numerous pins that are brilliant quotes or wise words. No matter how I’m feeling there’s always something inspiring or comforting to be found on Pinterest. So this week when thinking about my Pinterest Corner post I thought about some of those wordy pins and wanted to share one that echos something I’ve always felt, ever since I realised how wonderful a book can be when I was five or six. The pin is this one – don’t you just love it?


The quote is anonymous but I can’t help but agree whole heartedly with the clever person who said it, it’s just absolutely true. This is how books and reading make me feel. I love that the characters and the emotions evoked by a story stay with me for years afterwards. I still remember how utterly amazed I was by Roald Dahl’s Matilda when I first read it and I’m always putting myself in the shoes of characters, be it Harry Potter, Anne Elliott or Wilbur the pig and imagining how I’d have reacted. Even years after reading the stories I wonder if I’d have had the strength of character, or wishing I could have experienced that era. My favourite books, characters and fictional worlds are the place that I turn to on a regular basis in my daydreams when I want to forget how rubbish a day I’ve had or just want to be transported to another time and place. It’s these amazing characters that make me so grateful that I’m a book-worm, I wonder how other people cope without my absurd love of books and I’m so thankful that I’ve always found peace,  friendship and laughter in the pages of a book. It’s certainly made my imagination more colour, given me a greater understanding of the world and allowed me to experience the most amazing emotions and journeys without moving from the sofa.

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