Oxford, trips to Bill’s and goodbyes

This past week has been brilliant, I’ve loved every second! It’s been loads of fun and very busy, hence why I’ve had to resort (again) to a list!

  • Early morning natterings in Pret
  • The inevitable trip to Primark to return clothes, only to leave again with two dresses and a cardigan costing more than the stuff I returned – oops.
  • Coming second in the Hurlingham pub quiz, amazing to be honest! My knowledge of Love Actually film quotes was impressive, my world history knowledge was not.
  • Leaving present shopping and discovering this amazing shop. I now want this, this and that!
  • Baking lime and raspberry muffins and realising too late that the recipe I was using had no oven temperature.
  • Then guesstimating it and ruining them…
  • Fun and frolics in m&m’s world, somehow I spent £11 on chocolate and I’ve already eaten them all!
  • Discovering crazy yellow bruises on my hand and arm and being mighty confused – until the realisation that they were from last weeks gym injury!
  • Breaking my favourite pair of shoes. (You can’t tell from this but the right one has no soul!)
  • Leaving drinks full of giggles, gossip and lovely people
  • The arrival of a personalised Easter card for my god-daughter – cute or what!
  • A trip to Bill’s for lunch where the fish finger sandwiches can not be beaten. FACT.
  • Takeaway and gossiping with the sisterlings involving tears of laughter, lots of chocolate and pj’s!
  • A Friday off work – woohoo! Cue a lazy stroll down Northcote road before a delicious brunch (Eggs Florentine and a mocha) and shopping in Jack Wills
  • ASDA on a Friday – never to be repeated again. Although a haul of Hot Cross Buns and Perinaise is not to be sniffed at!
  • A weekend in Oxford with the girlies – road trip snacks, snow, fajitas, chattering, Easter pressies, relaxing, crazy country cottage decor, no radiators, lots of mochas, reading, shopping, Oxford explorations, pizza, epic breakfasts, lack of wi-fi/excitement over wi-fi on the bus, Les Mis soundtrack on repeat, Bill’s (yes again!) and Bicester Village
  • A lazy Sunday afternoon trying to keep warm, accompanied by unbelievable amounts of chocolate and pasta bake!!
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