Forgotten shoes

20130316-185845.jpgA year or so ago I bought a pair of black brogues in the New Look sale for about £10 and then forgot that they existed. When I rediscovered said brogues last week I still had all the tags and labels on the shoes, crazy or what!! However when I popped them on for the first time, I discovered, much to my excitement that these shoes are the comfiest shoes I own (apart from my Uggs)! Honestly it’s like slipping your feet into a pair of old slippers – apart from the fact that they look smart, are wet weather proof and are work appropriate. So whilst I have discovered a new pair of shoes, that I will no doubt be wearing all the time, I do fairly ashamed. How could I part with a precious £10 and then not wear the shoes for an entire year – that’s just absurd – what was I possibly thinking? I mean it’s not as if the shoes are a hideous colour or have a sky-high heel. They are plain black brogues and therefore completely inoffensive and likely to go with over half of my clothes. Sometimes I worry about myself.

However this experience of the forgotten perfect shoes has had another good result. It’s made me get out all my shoes and try them all on. This might sound ridiculous, but the result is I’ve found three more forgotten pairs of shoes, hooray! The three new pairs are below – a really old pair of grey boots from Primark, some peep-toe wedges I got in Springfield last Summer and unbelievably ANOTHER pair of brogues (these ones were £5 from Primark – at the same time as the black ones…oops!).

Again, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about all of these shoes but at the same time I can’t wait to get wearing them again! The grey boots will be perfect in the current dreadful weather and even better they’ll work with all my pairs of skinny jeans. I can’t for the life of me remember why I stopped wearing them though, so perhaps I’ll find they are incredibly uncomfortable when I do wear them again – who knows? As for the peep-toe shoes, I’d forgotten how much I loved them! They will be absolutely perfect for a couple of upcoming Summer events, as I know they’re comfy and they’ll go with whatever I decide to wear. As for the second pair of brogues, these will be perfect with jeans and skirts over the next few months. I can’t wait to try them all on again – hooray that I’ve got three new pairs of shoes for my ever-expanding wardrobe. Whooppee!!!

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