Lovely Accessories

As I sit here at my desk looking out at a bleak and cloudy sky I can’t help but think of the weather that we should currently be enjoying. We should be experiencing sunshine and low wind speeds and not arctic temperatures and torrential rain. I should have deliberated over a blazer or a mac this morning rather than the need for a light scarf as well as my woolly snood – FYI I went for the  woolly snood, which was definitely NOT warm enough. So instead of doing the massive amount of admin I should be doing during lunch, I have been distracted by the Spring items that are all over the shops – I bet retailers are praying for warmer weather soon as they can’t be selling many clothes at the moment – and so I obviously need to share my favourites with you. It would be rude not too, yes?

Bird ScarfTurquoise ShoesSilver Bangles SatchelBlue ShoesLeopard Print Pumps

Sadly, as is often the case with me, I can’t justify the purchase of any of these items, I already have far too many pairs of shoes and bags and don’t even get me started on jewellery. But if I could justify proper shopping one thing’s for sure, I’d be off to pick up these bits and bobs and I’d be very happy. I wouldn’t even care about the dreadful weather! The one thing I might treat myself too is the bird scarf, it’s so pretty that it’s totally going on my birthday list. After all I don’t own anything that’s bird patterned and it would look perfect with my turquoise blazer – once it’s warm enough to wear it anyway!

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  1. ooh… love those teal shows with the metallic flower (?)…. casual but glam!

    • That’s the perfect description! Sadly I don’t think my credit card company would agree that’s a valid reason for purchase! xx


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