Ponderings – Irish inspiration, hideous necklaces and book confusion

Today has been a bit of a write off thanks to a stupid fainting incident at the gym this morning. It’s not been a wasted day though as it’s meant I’ve been able to jot down a few more of my rambling thoughts – so there is a bright side to collapsing like a total idiot in public!
I’m totally in love with today’s Google Doodle, which isn’t something I usually see at the weekend. However, as I’ve been on my laptop for most of the day, due to The Incident, I did see it today, and this is a good thing, as today it was a brilliant St. Patrick’s Day themed doodle – dancing Irish people!! How cute are they? If you’ve not seen them yet, get onto Google and watch as they are animated and do an Irish jig – genius idea Google developers.
google doodle
Earlier this week I was channel flicking when I happened upon the below advert for the brand new Sky Movies Disney channel. Cue a lot of squealing. I mean a channel playing purely Disney films, it’s enough to make you seriously consider signing up for the Sky Movies Package. The only reason for not signing up for it? I’d never leave the flat….

Another thing making me squeal this week? The arrival of a hoarding on The Strand that shows H&M is opening practically opposite my office – oh dear! At the moment there’s only a Topshop on that stretch of road, and as I’m not a fan of that over-priced shop that’s never an issue in my lunch hour. However the opening of an H&M is another matter entirely. I just know I’ll be sucked on my way home from work and I’ll buy something every other day – oh dear my poor credit card.

I need to find a reason to make these Chocolate Pretzel Nachos from Gimme Some Oven. I mean just LOOK. AT. THEM. They look like heaven on a plate, wow, just wow!
I’m so annoyed that I’ve only just discovered Prinstagram as I want one of their calendars, but really I can’t buy one almost four months into the year as it’s such a waste. Fingers crossed I remember about it in December as I would love being reminded of a lovely Instagram shot every day in the office.
leopard-print-heart-charm-scarf-necklaceI know I was a little late to the party when leggings became a fashionable item of clothing, ditto the skinny jeans obsession and also again with Uggs. Whilst I did eventually embrace all these trends, so much so that I wear at least one of these items every day, I’m adamant that these ridiculous looking necklace/scarf items will never be something I get or more importantly own. I mean what the hell are they all about – how can anyone think they look nice?!
Following all the hoohaa over Google Reader this week, I’m very glad that this isn’t something I use. I’m all about Bloglovin, which I’m mighty pleased about. I don’t think I’d be too pleased if I had to get used to a different reader, phew!
I’ve been meaning to read Harriet Evans’ new paperback, Happily Ever After, for about a month, but I decided to save it for a week when I was in real need of a good book and a bit of comfort. That way I knew I’d appreciate the wonderful writing even more. That perfect time came on Thursday night as I snuggled up in bed with a heated Mr. Sheep. All did not go to plan however, as three pages in I realised that I had actually read the book before. On my kindle. What an idiot and what a way to ruin your evening. what sort of doofus am I? To buy the same book twice without realising it – duh!
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