March Happy Things

With this constant freezing weather it’s seemed important this month to focus on the little things that are making me smile as otherwise I’d have been severely affected by SAD and been thoroughly depressed. I mean honestly where the hell has Spring gone, will it make an appearance soon…..


So first up we have my pastel nails. Following last weeks Pretty Pastel Perfection post I was inspired to paint my nails in pastel shades. This may have looked a little odd as it was depressingly dark outside, but I was able to smile every time I caught a glance at them – look how pretty they are!

I seem to have become obsessed with three types of sweets this month. Firstly it seems to be all about the Mint Kit Kat Chunky, which I have got through about 10 of – it’s actually getting slightly out of hand if I’m honest! But having not been on the Kit Kat Chunky bandwagon in the past I’m now firmly in the Mint coloured camp! The second sweet obsession is these yummy Mini Egg Blondies, I’ve made them three times in as many weeks and just can’t get enough of them – amazing! Finally, I seem to have visited Hope and Greenwood – the lovely old-fashioned sweet shop in Covent Garden – twice in the last ten days and have consumed my body weight in shrimps, dolly mixtures, pink mushrooms and eggs. One night I ate so many that my teeth seemed to be rotting and I had to eat dry Rice Krispies to remove the hideous sweet taste in my mouth – it was worth it though!!

Last week I went out for another early morning run in Central London and absolutely loved it. Yes it was hard work, yes I was knackered, but running through the quiet streets of our capital and then around St Paul’s as the bells chimed was something very special. And something that I want to repeat more regularly.

After a brief flirtation with Special K as my go-to breakfast cereal I’ve returned to my true love: Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and boy are they good. For a while I’d forgotten about my love for them, but there really is nothing better than a mugful of crunchy nuts and ice cold milk – yummy!

20130316-180929.jpgLast weekend I ended up looking through an old photo album that my Mum had put together for me for my 18th and it was just hilarious to look back at some of the pictures. I’d forgotten about a lot of them and some of our outfits were horrendous!! I really should do it more often! It also raised a few questions about what we used to get up to! I mean take this picture for example, why on earth are my little sister and I screaming as if we’re going down a massive hill on a sledge, when in fact we’re in our back garden, our FLAT back garden. Oddness indeed!

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