Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday in less than a month and it’s fair to say I’m a little bit over excited about this! I can’t help it, I just love a day when presents, cake, friends and family are involved! Plus my birthday’s always around Easter, which means lots of yummy Easter chocolate too – what more could I want! As is the rule, I’ve started to compile my birthday list, although it’s been super hard as I want so much stuff, argh why can’t I have pots and pots of money so I can treat myself more often?

First up I want lots of new books – see below – all these authors are my guilty pleasures and I’d love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with one (or all) of these lovely tales. Fingers crossed someone agrees with me on this plan!

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Something that I always add to my birthday list is a DVD boxset, I love them and my lack of patience means they are the perfect thing when I’m obsessed with a TV show. At the moment it’s all about the seventh series of How I Met Your Mother, I finished series six ages ago and so need to get my hands on this asap!

The big thing that I want for my birthday is a laptop, I’m fed up with dealing with my old hunk of plastic, it’s just far, far too slow for my liking. Simply put I want something that turns on and is working within 30 seconds and also a computer that will still work if I add photoshop. Currently my trusty laptop is not so trusty and looks like it might stop working if you download a file or have more than three things open at once – not ideal!

I’ve not kept my love of The Simple Things magazine from you all and I think my birthday might possibly be the appropriate time for me to get a yearly subscription for my iPad, pretty please won’t someone treat me. This is a present that I would love, treasure and use every single month, plus it’d be incredibly useful and give me oodles and oodles of inspiration!

red dressYes I know I’ve featured this dress before, but I’m 100% in love with it still, so it would be amazing to find this wrapped up prettily for me on my birthday. Plus I know of one place that I’ll be able to wear it already so it won’t gather dust in my wardrobe for long! Talking of clothes and my birthday there are lots of lovely things that I want to own in Gap, so I’d quite like vouchers for there – I can never quite justify the expense of Gap clothes apart from in the sale. So vouchers would help curb that guilty feeling and make my wardrobe wonderfully stylish!

It’s always worth putting little bits and bobs on your birthday list as I always find I need to get people something else extra. So that’s why all the bits below are here – plus they are gorgeous and in the case of the mini eggs, delicious!! These Essie nail polishes are to die for and unbelievably I don’t own a bright blue, crazy I know (Mezmerised and Butler Please). I fell in love with this cute bracelet instantly as I have a thing for stripes and sea themed items – double tick for this then! This jewellery holder is so lovely, I love its rustic look and wholly practical hooks. I think with that many hooks I’d just about have space for all my necklaces, and they’d look much nicer arranged over lots of hooks and not just two as they are now. This seaside print is amazing, WANT and I had to mention this cute ‘I can’ bracelet again as I love it.

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