Pinterest Corner #12 – Workout Jar

I’ve been a bit rubbish recently with my exercise regime and seem to have gone from doing two runs and a walk a week to zilch, oops! So at the beginning of the month I decided I wanted to rectify this so when I saw the below pin on Pinterest inspiration struck! I’ve found my own (lidless) jar and for the entire month I’m popping £1 in every time I go for a run, walk for more that 30 minutes or go to the gym. I’m hoping that by the end of the month I’ll have at least £20 which I can then treat myself with. Or I’ll add a few months together and treat myself once I hit 100 workouts!Workout Jar

20130310-153747.jpgSo far it’s not really worked as I’ve been really ill with a horrendous bug, but it’s not from a lack of wanting too! But all things considered I’m quite pleased it’s actually got some money in, even if it is only £2! Plus now that I’ve joined the gym there should be more pound coins added very soon. I really think this is going to be excellent motivation for me and make me get off my ass every day and do something exercise-like!

What about you, do you have any extra motivation like this pin that helps you and makes you go to the gym/do exercise more often?

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