Pretty Pastel Perfection

For a couple of days last week it finally felt like Spring had arrived, but alas this doesn’t seem to have been the case as now the rain and cold weather has returned. Damn and blast it! So to stop myself from going into a proper funk due to the depressing weather I’ve decided instead to focus on one of the key trends of this Spring – pastels! I can’t help it everywhere I look at the moment I see these glorious colours and I just have to smile. So I thought it was high time I celebrated this glorious colour palette on here as it’s certainly helping me stay happy at the moment!

This is by no means a new obsession, it started last summer with these nail varnishes from Model’s Own – in a moment of crazy I purchased all six of them on a whim! They were just so delicious and had the best name (Ice Cream Sundae Polishes!) that just I couldn’t stop myself. Also I’m sure they wouldn’t have appreciated it if I split them up, right? Yes, I’m not sure about that logic looking back, but I’m certainly not disappointed as I’ve used them loads over the last eight months or so. If you’re tempted to buy them then you must, but before you do consider the brand new version – they now do most of these colours with a fruity scent – amazing or what? Sadly, I definitely can’t justify buying them all again, even if they do smell delicious!

Anyway below are some of the pastel shades I’ve come across over the last few weeks – aren’t they just too pretty for words. I vote that the obsession with mint, rose, peach, powder blue, lilac and lemon shades stay around for a long while yet!!

cupcakes – teacups – m&m’sABC – cake slice – dotty nails – shelves – bowlsnail polish – mini meringues – the diner

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