Illness, sweets and a shopping haul

The beginning of my week was all about illness, I had the worst flu/cold thing and slept for an entire day and then spent another two stuck on the sofa or my bed with zero energy to do anything! Thankfully I had Lemsip, my first Easter egg and homemade Easter nests to help me through, but I don’t wish to repeat that in a hurry. It was just so exhausting, utterly pants and only now, a week later, am I finally feeling close to 100%. Yucky illness!

Once I was able to return to work it was all about old-fashioned sweeties from Hope and Greenwood, one of my new favourite places. I managed to eat so many fried eggs and pink mushrooms that I felt ill again – not ideal! I was cheered up by my illness by the arrival of some new purchases (courtesy of my Paypal account which has recently been replenished by eBay sales – hooray for that), I got the lovely iPhone case below and this gorgeous dress and scrumptious skirt. I can’t wait to wear the clothes to death! On Friday night I finally went to watch The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, which was absolutely phenomenal. It was so much better than I could ever have imagined. The cast was second-to-none and absolutely excellent and the set was mind-blowing in its brilliance. I honestly can’t even begin to explain its amazingness! Too many superlatives you ask? No, not even close to being enough!!

This weekend has been a fairly relaxed affair. Starting with some work 😦 and then a trip to Primark. Sadly I’m returning over half of my purchases, as the Primark sizing is rubbish, but I did come away with some new bedding, a nightie, tights and a lovely maxi skirt – so not a bad haul in the end. Saturday night saw an attempt at a new dish – sweet and sour pork – which was delicious even if we did have a few mishaps along the way – we’ve had to throw away a frying pan as it was a casualty of our attempt to caramelise sugar!! Sunday was all about Mum. We started with a 5K run along the river before finally settling on Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden for brunch. A ton of bread, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and a mocha later and I was lovely and full and Mum had been thoroughly spoilt – result! The rest of the day has been spent watching sport on TV, opening my lovely Godmother card, blogging and tucking into Ben’s Cookies. It’s not a bad life really.

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  1. There is pretty much nothing tastier than Ben’s cookies..
    The gooey middle bit? YUM!!!! Glad you had a lovely weekend xxx


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