Holiday planning

We’re now three months into the year (unbelievable I know!) and my mind is fixed firmly on holidays! I decided at the end of the year that I was not going to have a big holiday in 2013, as I’m still paying off my amazing trip to Australia from last April. Instead Lau and I are going to do lots of shorter trips, to places much closer to our lovely little abode, as there are loads of cities and areas of the UK that we still haven’t visited. So far our holiday planning is looking like this: a long weekend to a cottage in Oxford, a city break to Dublin, a week of relaxing with family in Cardigan Bay and a sisters road trip to Sheffield and Newcastle.

Not bad for the next three months, hey! I honestly can’t wait and this post is really a plea for suggestions of what we should do in each of these places. I will of course be looking on all the usual websites and in guide books, but I would still LOVE suggestions of must sees from you lot! From the people that know these cities and areas – I’ve found that this is the route to the best ideas. So what do you think where do we need to visit when we head off on our travels – what can’t we miss?! Thanks!!

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