Etsy Love

I’ve only recently discovered Etsy – I know unbelievable right! – and I’m officially in love with the site. Whenever I find myself with a spare ten minutes off I trot to the website or out comes the iPhone app and perusing I go. And gosh it’s addicting. There’s so much nice stuff on there and with it being linked to my Paypal account it’s awfully easy to click ‘Buy’. So far I’ve abstained, well except for this super lovely iPhone 5 case (I’m sorry it involves grey and white stripes and mint – how could I say no?), but I’m finding it awfully hard to say no to things. But for now I’m simply clicking ‘like’ quite a lot. At the moment my like list includes the below – aren’t they all lovely?!

Let’s start with my love for all things jewellery related – I mean by buying these three items I’d be meeting one of my 2013 resolutions so that’s allowed. Yes? Plus they’re all just wonderful. Firstly this bracelet is so dainty and pretty and includes my current favourite colour combination – mint and coral. and then this bracelet would be a daily reminder to focus and believe in myself. Something I need to do in various areas of my life at the moment! Then this necklace is really lovely too. I’m a little in love with the colour of the blue charm.

Next there are all these lovely home bits-and-bobs. First up cushions, which I seem to be having a small obsession with at the moment. I want to make cushions out of this pink bird fabric and I think we’d agree that these cushions aren’t just for a nursery. I mean why waste a brilliant colour combination as well as chevrons and elephants on babies? Owls – I love owls so I think I’d forever be smiley if I had this cushion in my house! Ditto with this wall decal – it’s so cute, although I don’t have a wall big enough for it in my house sadly. Perhaps one day? What I do have space for are the rustic cake stands and the wooden vase – they are so small (relatively speaking) that they’d barely take up any space in my house and they’d make it look beautiful too. Perhaps I can convince myself that they are a necessity in my life over the coming months!

As is always the case I have to browse stationery items when I’m shopping – it’s my number one shopping rule! So therefore it should come as no surprise that I now want to buy this rubber stamp and the dotty envelopes. My cards and pressies would look so good if these items were involved!

Finally I have to share these super amazing letters – I adore them so much. I wish I had space and the money to buy all the letters in ‘Love’, ‘Hope’ or ‘Family’ but perhaps one day. They would just look so great in my flat.

Anywho I hope you like my Etsy finds, can you believe that no one told me to get on Etsy sooner – it’s just so much fun!! Now I must dash I’ve got more Etsy browsing to do, oh look origami stars patterned with owls. I’m sure I need 60 of these in my life – LOVE!

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